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  • RRWS - Rainbow Residents Welfare Society

    RRWS represents the residents of Faridi Nagar, Lucknow as a collective body elected by its members. The RRWS Membership has so far increased to 500+ till 1st Jan, 2016. The first elected body was formed on 10th Nov, 2015 after a long drawn election process.

    RRWS is committed to take the society forward with a progressive attitude and by exploiting its resources to the best possible level. We request all its members to come forward to contribute in their own way to improve the lifestyle of our families and secure the environment for out children.


    The strength of the society lies in the people coming from varied educational and professional backgrounds who are voluntarily coming together to work towards making this living place an example in the neighborhood. We celebrate the festivals and other national events with pride together and manage to provide a healthy environment to our growing kids. Synopsis of the activities in the society can be seen by visiting gallery of this website.